Wedding dress ♥ bridal gown ♥ bridesmaid dress

WDD507★big bowknot multi-layer princess dress★5-color★35.9 only (new arrival)
available color/size: purple/M, pink/M, champagne/M, black/L

WDD506★big bowknot multi-flower top free cutting princess layered dress★6-color★35.9 only (new arrival)
available color: purple, white, apricot
size: free size

WDD001♥Angel multi rose ribbon high waist Mullet bridal gown♥188 only (new arrival)

WDD002♥big bowknot back V shape /off shoulder bridal gown♥2 design♥268 only (new arrival)

WDD003♥Sexy Mullet bridal gown♥best deal♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD004♥multi flowers fairy wedding gown with long train♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD005♥single shoulder multi-diamond floral same length bridal gown♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD006♥halter layered wedding gown with long train♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD008♥full lace Mullet bridal gown with long train♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD009♥V shape neckline full lace bridal gown♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD010♥Snowwhite fully edge bridal gown with snowflake♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD201♥hand made flowers peacock tail mermaid cheongsam♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD202♥stitching golden leaves vintage jointing cheongsam♥3-design♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD203♥off shoulder full lace ribbon mermaid shape cheongsam♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD204♥high neckline short sleeve mermaid shape cheongsam♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD205♥big bowknot stitching auspicious cloud bridal dress♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD206♥maxi bridesmaid dress with shinning diamonds♥6-design♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD207♥maxi single shoulder evening dress with shinning diamonds♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD208♥high neckline high waist lace jointing bridal gown♥4-design♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD209♥hand made flower sleeveless bridal gown♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD210♥phoenix flowers stitching high waist layered bridal gown♥288 only (pre-order)

WDD211♥classic high waist floral bridal gown♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD212♥phoenix golden stitching high neckline vintage cheongsam♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD213♥halter flair bridal grown with shinning diamonds♥188 only (pre-order)

WDD214♥high neckline full lace cheongsam♥2-design♥188 only (pre-order)

Rental is available. Email for more info.

CRS001♥royal vintage ribbon back corset♥3-color♥market price 59.9 (new arrival)
Member price: 29.9 only
size: M/L/XLavailable stock: white/M

WDD503♥hand made flower ribbon bridal pre-wedding tube♥49.9 only (new arrival S/M/L)

WDD007♥single neckline flower pleat vintage bridal gown♥169.9 only (pre-order)

WDD301♥lace neckline sexy hem bridal evening gown♥129.9 only (pre-order)

WDD302♥diamond tube mermaid silk bridal gown♥149.9 only (pre-order)

WDD501♥bridesmaids dresses blue♥6 design♥49.9 only (pre-order)

WDD502♥ribbon bridesmaids dresses purple♥49.9 only (pre-order)

WDD505♥hand made flower ribbon bridal pre-wedding tube♥49.9 only (available to rent)